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The lost time 

You can already upload your stories! We are working as fast as possible to get this website setup. 

This is a short story, but i hope it will intrigue you!

It happened in the 1970's. The mum of a friend was invited to spend time some evening with her friends who lived around 1 hour drive from her, nothing special, simply an invitation. It was a cold winter night and she leaves at around 19:30 from her house. 

She takes her car, leaves, and heads to the friends' house. Until now, nothing special. The road she used to take was apparently blocked that night as work was being done during the day and they hadn't bothered to take the signs away for the night. That meant she needed to take another road, still, not an issue as she new the region. 20 minutes on this road, the pop up headlights on her car start to suddenly go up and down, yes we're in the 70's and cars had pop-up headlights, how cool, i know. Her radio turned itself on but only a buzzing sound appeared, as though the radio weren't connected to anything. She doesn't really take anything seriously and just decides to stop in front of a hotel to check if they would again work normally if she would stop, and that was the case. Not worried at all, she simply decides to continue her way to her friends. Upon arriving, she gets out of the car, and approaches her friends' house. But one thing strikes her, it's pitch dark although they were meant to invite her. 

She presses the doorbell but nobody answers. As she turns her back to leave, the door opens and her friend says it's 4 in the morning and they say they had been waiting for her the whole evening. So she left and went back home. 

Back home she simply went to bed and slept, until, the next morning, she gets woken up by a loud thumping noise from her front door. She goes to open, and asks them what the problem is. They say the following :" We were so worried about you, you haven't answered in 2 days!". She, however, is sure she has slept one whole night. 

Still now, she wonders where these 7 hours went missing that evening, and how she slept without any issue 2 days straight. 

In fact, in her youth, other things happened to her. When she went abroad for example, she would sometimes suddenly, and for maybe 10 minutes, fluently speak the language of the country without ever having learnt it. 

Lastly, since that evening, she has a scar in her neck which she assures to never have ever had earlier.  

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